The Show History Inspiration Awards






...growing up in a showbiz family I was inspired by "the funny guys" that were my childhood heroes. From my very own Mum & Dad to the great Australian comic George Wallace, and on the big screen Abbott & Costello, Donald O'Conner and the ultimate Song & Dance Man SAMMY DAVIS JNR. - A master of virtually every art of popular entertainment: a virtuoso dancer, singer, musician and an impressionist of unnerving skill... He was Show business - and that was for me.


In 1986 during the Australian Production of Guys & Dolls staring the late great Rick May, Sammy Davis was playing the Hilton circuit here in Australia, and he came along to see the show, he came back stage after the performance to meet the cast—and as he entered the Green Room he came straight over to me, shook my hand and said... "Man, you are one cool dancer. Keep it up, cos we need young cats like you, to take over from old cats like me". That's all the inspiration I'll ever need!

Wayne Scott Kermond